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Dr. Kyle is as honest and real as it gets!  I was having lower back pain, so went for a consult.  Turns out, my issue was not what I expected, but was a weak core.  Who knew?!  After a few sessions of retraining how to engage my core, understanding key positioning for training, breathing techniques, etc..... my back, mobility and overall sleep has made wonderful transformations.  These simple techniques that Dr. Kyle has shown are life altering.  I highly recommend to anyone.

 Cristy C.

I’ve been working with Dr. Kyle for almost a year now. He helped identify the root causes of a bunch of things I had going on and had been working with me to get them fixed. Since I started working with him, my lifts have gotten better (be honest, it’s something we all want) and my movement patterns have improved tremendously. I don’t have pain in my shoulders anymore and that’s something that has been plaguing me for years now. I definitely recommend seeing him!

 Krystyn L.

Excellent physical therapist and trainer. Really takes the time to work with you, and spends the whole hour with you. Understands athletes, athletic injuries, --and most importantly, how to fix them -- really well. More effective than chiro treatments, which can go on seemingly forever sometimes.

 Anne C.

Dr. Kyle is outstanding at what he does. I am an avid weightlifter experiencing limited shoulder mobility due to osteoarthritis. Kyle works with me regularly and constantly checks in to make sure I am making progress. He has a great personality and is extremely easy to work with.

 Brian W.

Kyle does a great job explaining how to improve mobility, and after just a few exercises showed me how to identify the root cause of my issues and make real improvements. Highly recommend, especially for masters “athletes” like me.

 Sean F

Fantastic and provided outstanding service from start to finish. Right from the start, Kyle was friendly, welcoming, but more importantly was incredibly knowledgeable and communicated exactly what and why he did (and had me do) each exercise. I was stoked because I could tell he cared. Afterwards, I received follow up emails to remind me of the different exercises and stretches I needed to do and make sure my progress was going well.
I definitely recommend Kyle for your physical therapy needs. My experience was great!

 Ernest E.

Dr. Kyle is a true professional! After coming to him with ankle problems, he was quick to identify the true root of my pain and worked systematically up my whole leg to holistically improve mobility and alleviate pain. Kyle clearly loves his work and is passionate about helping people get back to a pain-free lifestyle. He's the first person I'd recommend to anyone experiencing any kind of mobility issues.

 Joe D.


Dr. Kyle was great! I'd previously seen two other physical therapists for a knee injury, but the pain always returned. Kyle was the first PT who helped me understand that the pain was actually caused by a lot of tension in my ankle, and he prescribed a lot of helpful exercises and stretches to improve my knee health. The pain has pretty much disappeared at this point.

 Tony S.


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