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Why I Don’t Use a Lifting Belt and You Shouldn’t Either

Relying on a lifting belt might seem like a good idea, but here’s why I avoid it and recommend you do too:

Brace Without a Belt

Your body should be able to brace well enough without external support. Using a belt can create a false sense of security and prevent you from developing the core strength needed to lift safely and effectively.

Build True Strength

By learning to brace and stabilize your core naturally, you’ll build true strength and reduce the risk of injury. Focus on developing proper bracing techniques to enhance your lifting performance.

Ditch the belt and invest in your body’s ability to stabilize itself.

Your core strength will thank you.

Send any questions you have our way and we'd love to help out in any way we can.

Dr. Kyle Womack, PT, DPT, SFMA, CF-L2

The MUV Co


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