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The MUV Collective

We help CrossFit and Fitness Athletes with their Movement and Mobility so they can stay in the gym and continue training without pain, stiffness, or limitations. 

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We work with Athletes IN-PERSON on Oahu, HI and REMOTELY around the world 

Fix your pain fast!

Then, get back to your activities better than before with MUV.

Download our Free Checklist

"The 5 Step Low Back Fix"

This is our go-to checklist to determine why CrossFit and Fitness athletes have low back pain and what to do about it.


Assess & Test

Get to the root of the problem and relieve pain and stiffness.

Fix Your MUVment

Solve the root cause
of the problem and improve your movement p

Maintain Results

Teach you how to keep the problem from coming back and keep progressing.

Life's too short to avoid the activities you love.


Moving Better than Ever

Dr. Kyle at MUV has help me go from constant pain to being able to move well! Not only has my pain improved, but I am learning better form for all my movements and I'm able to lift heavier and have improved my gymnastics skills. He provides specific feedback to help me make changes and is very responsive to questions and concerns. I wasn't sure if virtual PT would be helpful, but  I can say that I'm moving better than I ever have because of the individualized help I'm getting with MUV. 

Jamie A

Solve the Actual Source of the Problem.

Dr. Kyle is a true professional! After coming to him with ankle problems, he was quick to identify the true root of my pain and worked systematically up my whole leg to holistically improve mobility and alleviate pain. Kyle clearly loves his work and is passionate about helping people get back to a pain-free lifestyle. He's the first person I'd recommend to anyone experiencing any kind of mobility issues.

Joe D

Hitting PR after PR

It’s been a true pleasure working with Kyle! I knew I needed to fix my squat but couldn’t quite pinpoint what my issues were that were holding me back . Kyle immediately assessed and spotted multiple issues and created a personalized plan to help fix my form. In addition he was able to help me strengthen minor muscles in my shoulder area to help my mobility and overall strength. I’ve had PR after PR after working with Kyle. In addition,  Kyle has been a great resource to view and critique various lifts as well as talk strategy about my overall training and progression.  If you’re stuck and trying to work things out in your body as well as trying to progress, Kyle can help in a big way!

Holly H

What is MUV??

MUV was founded to bridge the gap between the healthcare system and the gym. We focus on helping CrossFit, fitness, weightlifting, runners, and surfers continue their training without pain or need for unnecessary medications or surgeries. We help to improve any movement related issue you may be having so you can get you back to your activities fast, and come back better than before!

We work in a hybrid-remote model that allows us to be able to provide treatment to our athletes both in-person, as well as remotely. Working remotely allows us to see clients around the world and allows us to not have barriers when it comes to who is able to receive our expert knowledge in our CrossFit style rehab.

We know how the rehab process can be and believe that we can get you back in the gym, without pain and hitting your next PR. Your goals are our goals and we will be with you every step of the way.



For In-Person visits:

Find us at:

CrossFit Zeus in Aiea

Tuesdays: 3pm-7pm

Wednesdays: 11am-3pm

For Remote Clients:

We will contact you about

scheduling a Strategy Call.

Thank You! We will be in contact with you soon!

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Thank You for taking the time to get to know us!

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